About Meredith

IMG_0758Hello and thanks for stopping by! This is a space to chat about the life we keep under the bed and off our Instagram feeds.

I love being in rooms where people share stories, unedited without fear of being revealed and seen. Many of my friends come to me first with their embarrassing tales and their “I can’t believe I just…” moments, and  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love to make people laugh. You know in movies how there’s the leading lady and the funny best friend? I’m the funny best friend, snorts and all. In addition to writing, I perform comedy improv at the iO theater with my team Scout. Chicago has a rich comedy scene and I love performing where so mIMG_0953 (1)any great comedians got their start.

I spent four years living and working in Chicago as a special education teacher in CPS (the district that makes national news for totally sucking). Now, I call myself a “recovering teacher,” but I still care deeply about the city and its children. I also stay in touch with some of the most bad ass, amazing teachers.

I live just west of the city with my husband Drew who does a lot to make this blog possible. He is very tall and I am very short, which I forget until I see him in a crowd of people.

Oh, and I’m a mom now. Does this make me a “mommy blogger?” Willa  was born last April, and she is all sweetIMG_1636ness and spunk. She’s so content and extroverted, unlike her mom who would spend every night on the couch with a warm drink if she could and is clinically anxious and depressed, but we get along quite nicely : ).

I work part time at our local library where I work as a technology specialist and reference desk attendant. My shifts can vary from helping patrons to download e-books on their Kindle to having chats on the phone with people who want information on Russian blue cats or want to know how to get aloe stains out of bath towels. The library is a strange and wonderful place, I hope to write more about it someday…

Faith plays a large role in my life, but full disclosure, on my best days, I am a struggl13731013_10208838844665818_5530875196208441891_oing Christian. My little family attends a Mennonite church full of thoughtful and progressive parishioners. No, we don’t wear bonnets. Yes, we do have excellent potlucks.

I hope to share more about my doubts and struggles with church, religion, and evangelicalism in the future. As of now, I’ve had some of you share about places outside of the traditional church where you experience the sacred.


I spend a lot of time being a hot mess and an anxious wreck, but there’s a lot of moments of unexpected beauty in between. I am learning how to exist as myself, which is a journey I’m not sure we ever stop.

When you read my blog, I hope you do so with a brimming mug of coffee or tea in hand. My hope is that it feels like we’re chatting about life across a table even if we’re across the country, or the world. After all, I love to host people, when I can get my life together and even sometimes when I can’t. So come on in, I haven’t folded laundry all week, and their’s a four day old cereal bowl under the couch.



Here are some of my best friends. I just like them a lot.