Extremely Quiet and Incredibly Remote: An Uneventful Climb Towards Mid-Twenties Virginity

I am so excited to contribute to my friend Lily’s series on sex and the church! Lily and I went to college and ended up in similar courses and activities, but didn’t really connect till after college when we both started blogging!

She has so many excellent posts on her blog as well as in publications elsewhere. I admire and enjoy Lilly’s honest voice and willingness to embrace messiness and the grey areas of life. She has a gift for weaving together narratives and  thought provoking questions! I highly suggest subscribing to her blog and checking out her writing!

I hope you enjoy this piece and read some of the others in the series on Lily’s blog!

The CTA brown line became my converse confessional booth. Sometimes a truth wells up to the tip of my tongue and I know that in the next hour or so, I will unleash it on the innocent person sitting next to me. In this case, it was my friend Ann.

Taken out of the warm lap of evangelicalism, my pearl of great price got turned on its head. In the past, friends disclosed illicit missteps to youth pastors and close circles of friends; as an adult, I found that within my new communities I had the dirty secret…

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