What Happens When you Say No to Good Things?

With the summer heat comes a bumper crop of plant-based Instagram posts. In the pictures, overall-clad women lower starter pots into raised garden beds constructed by their bearded husbands. Hand-lettered labels on stakes clarify what each leafy green thing will become; most are vegetables I didn’t even know about in the ‘90s.

And as everyone raises their green thumb into the air, I ache for a version of myself that gardens. I should garden. Gardening is a good thing.

In my horticulture dreams, I walk barefoot in the cool dirt each morning gathering raspberries to preserve in mason jars. I wear a wide brimmed hat, and it even stays on, because in my fantasy, I have a good head for hats. Each night, I tie a calico apron around my waist and hold up its edges to carry the greens for our dinner salad.

Yet again, I won’t be gardening this year. Somehow, like my sewing projects, house cleaning, leg shaving, and photo-book making, it doesn’t happen. Not even close. Not even a potted basil plant from the grocery store. I wonder, like many of us do, how the women in my life have it all together…

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Featured Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

  • Sarah E Allen

    From someone who has had to scale all her gardening projects down to fit into reality, there are always small things that you can do to get your feet wet! Even if you put a mother-in-law’s tongue plant in your house to start, you will find that the more you observe the plants close to you, little opportunities arise. Like your plants, your time for gardening will increase. Not because you magically have more time to spare, but because you are better able to parse apart projects. Being the homesteading goddess is such an excellent goal but holy hell, how do we get there!? Grandiose projects always leave me feeling shameful because I never finish them…but a long string of small projects gives you a reward that propels you into bigger more impressive things….Excellent post, got me thinking!