In Her Shoes: Walking Off the Career Path

I’m participating in my blogging buddy’s “In Her Shoes” series today!

“What exactly are your career goals then, Ms. Bazzoli?” the man on the phone interview questioned why I was taking giant steps backward; why I applied for a position I am overqualified for. This curiosity lingered at the back of many of his other inquiries, but this time he shot directly.

As I fumbled for interview buzzwords, my mind fixated on the image of a beggar I sometimes see on the corner of Taylor and Union Street. You have to strain to read his sign because he’s consumed every square inch with his story.

At the top, his sign reads: OUT OF WORK PAINTER. Based on the sketches of cars and other drawings I can’t quite make out on his sign, I know he means that he’s an artist, a painter like Van Gogh or Davinci, not one that rolls taupe and salmon tones onto bathroom walls and dining rooms.

I guffawed the first time Drew and I spotted it, “If all artists expected their work to sustain them financially, we’d all be out of work actors, dancers, writers, sculptors, and fill in the blanks!”

The second time I saw him, I envied him….

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