The Problem of Good Things

I am so excited to be sharing some work over at my friend Lily’s blog. Lily contributed over here a couple of weeks ago, and I know many of you connected to her piece talking about the sacred experience of running in a half marathon at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. 

Lily inspires me to keep writing and to take my work seriously. She has a wonderful voice as a writer, and I’ve enjoyed collaborating with her over the past year. She makes the blogging world a little less lonely and challenges me with her words and ideas. I love the spirit of her weekly “Thankful Thursday” series and was grateful for the opportunity to think through this concept, since its something that doesn’t always come naturally to me. Please check out her work and follow her blog, you won’t regret it!

The spring caught me off guard again with its explosions of pink and boughs hung low with purple blossoms. I never remember the way sidewalks can smell like walking through a bath and body works (with the exception of those flowering trees that smell like dead fish, those are the worst).

In a new house, you never quite know what potential flora hibernates in your lawn until the spring comes. The scrappy lawn of our rental house surprised me with lilac bushes in front, a few burnt out tulips struggling through weeds at the side of the house, and even some grape hyacinths like the ones next to the raspberry bushes at my childhood home.

Best of all, a patch of violets grew in our backyard, a wild and wonderful spray of purple flowers large enough to lie in. I imagined a quintessentially hipster moment where I would retire to the violet patch wearing a linen dress with my hair wrapped in a braid around my head. Drew could bring me lemonade with a sprig of lavender and a striped paper straw bobbing in the ice…

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